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Staff Computers

IT Provision Laptop and/or desktop computers for each GTIIT staff.  Installation and maintenance of software for specific uses for teaching staff. Provision of peripherals devices for teaching and research staff such as headsets, microphones, screens and audio-visual equipment. 

  1. Consult with IT for the computer’s brand and model.
  2. Click here to download and fill in the application form with approval signature from your manager.
  3. Go to ERP SYSTEM-> Purchase Requisition, submit a PR and attached the above form.

Click here to download and fill in the application form with approval signature from your manager, then send it to

  1. Consult with IT for the brand and model.
  2. Go to ERP SYSTEM-> Purchase Requisition, submit a PR.

Computers in Classrooms

Central control system in classroom

IT Department manages a number of multimedia classrooms, each classroom has a computer with a central control system. The integration of KRAMER in the classroom computers enhanced the learning environment by making it easier for students to learn and be engaged in the classroom. With user-friendly collaboration tools instructors currently use touch screen, but can request wirelessly connectivity from the IT department, and present instantly, view the main display on their device, mirror any device to the main display, share any size file, and turn the main display into a whiteboard.
The IT Department continues to provide on-going support and configuration for optimal use of these facilities.

  1. Click the “Turn on the System” button on the tablet which is on the classroom stage.
  2. Use your GTIIT account to log in to the computer.
  3. After use, click the “Turn off the System” button on the tablet which is on the stage.
  1. Use Panopto(GTIIT) – Online video platform which is installed in the classroom computer to record lectures by yourself. Click here to find the Panopto user guide.
  2. For technical support, go to IT SUPPORT service portal to submit the requirement of recording lectures, IT staff will follow up accordingly.
  1. Start a Zoom meeting
  2. Click Share your Screen
  3. Click the Record button and select the “Record to Cloud” option

You are now recording your screen, microphone, and your camera to a video. After finishing the meeting, the system will generate a video link and send it to your email.

Click here to learn the details.

Computers Lab

Currently we have two computer labs, located in E206 and E208. One of the labs with twenty-six high-end workstations was provided with the donated three-year license of PTC-CREO software. A custom script was developed to restore the PTC-CREO setting for every login session and deployed via group policy. These computers were installed with teaching software like Matlab, SolidWorks, to meet the teaching requirement. UG office will arrange the lab for students according to the course arrangement.

computer lab
Public Computers in Student Hub

IT department provision some public computers in the student hub for self-learning. Students use their GTIIT accounts to log in to the computers.

Computers in Meeting Rooms

IT department has established several meeting rooms in Administration building and Research building. Each meeting room has a computer with a set of video conference system.

Administration Building
  • A218 – Room 218, Admin Building
  • A319 – Room 319, Admin Building
  • A321 – Room 321, Admin Building
  • A418 – Room 418, Admin Building
  • A528 – Room 528, Admin Building
  • A530 – Room 530, Admin Building
Research Building
  • R202 – Room 202, Research Building
  • R307 – Room 307, Research Building
  • R407 – Room 407, Research Building
  • R508 – Room 508, Research Building
  • R610 – Room 610, Research Building
  • R712 – Room 712, Research Building
  • R807 – Room 807, Research Building
  1. Open Outlook->Calendar tab.
  2. Click Open calendar->From room list.
  3. Select the rooms you would like to reserve.
  4. Select a date, then click “New meeting with all”.
  5. Configure the meeting time and click send
  6. You will receive a feedback email from the reservation system like ‘Your request was accepted’.
  7. For details, please refer to: How to use Outlook calendar to reserve meeting room.

Facilities in Auditorium

IT Department has been managing the audio-engineering-level system — consisting of audio-visual, conferencing, presentation equipment, and others in Auditorium. Please contact IT for technical support while using auditorium.

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