Materials and Quantum Beam Science

advanced materials studies using synchrotrons and neutron beams

Klaus-Dieter Liss, GTIIT,

Materials and Quantum Beam ScienceM-QuBS, focuses on the exploitation of synchrotron radiation and neutron beams for the investigation and advancement of modern materials. Both synchrotron and neutron facilities are the top-end large user-facilities ranging from hundreds of meters to kilometers in size and hosting between 10 and 50 beamlines – the end stations. Access to those facilities is very competitive by research proposals and a beam time values between $25,000 and $50,000. We use the leading facilities world-wide, including ESRFSPring-8APSDESYDIAMOND for synchrotrons and ANSTOILLJ-PARCFRM-II for neutrons. China establishes world-competitive sources, like SSRFCSNS and HEPS to which we have strong contacts for collaborative student projects. Quantum Beam Science is to be understood for radiation to probe or influence matter and materials.

M-Qubs – a three folded research program

The main focus of the Liss Group divides into three research lines in which we excel and train graduate students to world experts in their field, namely:

ThermoMec.Pro – Modern Diffraction Methods for the Investigation of Thermo-Mechanical Processes

  • in situ and ex situ investigations of materials under processing and making conditions; design of alloys;
  • materials under extreme conditions; following chemical reactions in real time under real conditions;
  • example: making better metals – stronger – lighter – energy efficient – radiation resistant

Tempo.Mat –Fast and Ultra-fast Real-Time Behavior of Materials Under External Stimulation

  • kinetics and dynamics of functional and structural materials from the millisecond to picosecond range;
  • response of materials to electric, magnetic fields; shock; current pulses; temperature; light; high-frequency
  • example: piezo-electric oscillators and actuators; energy conversion and storage; high-frequency devices;

QuBS.Extra – Novel Quantum Beam Methods and New Facilities for Materials Science

  • Research with and development of quantum beam methods regarding opportunities with novel sources and
  • emerging facilities for the exploitation of materials