Nanomagnetism and Advanced Scattering Techniques (NaM-AST)

The Paul group research activities are focussed on addressing the fundamental aspects of interface magnetism, such as exchange bias, interlayer exchange coupling, magnetization reversal, anisotropic properties, as well as magneto-transport properties in layered materials and layered oxide heterostructures. Particular interest lies in the growth and investigation of layer resolved magnetization profiles and lateral magnetic correlations, domains etc, using polarized neutron scattering (PNR), grazing incidence X-ray and neutron scattering (GISAXS and GISANS) and X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS, XMCD) as the main techniques.

ToF operando neutron reflectivity during annealing of an isotopic multilayer (movie by J-F. Moulin, measured @REFSANS).

Operando GISAXS during sputter deposition of Au on a quantum dot template (movie by N. Paul, measured @MiNaXS


The Paul group is currently recruiting talented and enthusiastic graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. If interested, please send CV to the Paul group via email ( For the detailed information, please find links as below:

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