Nanomagnetism and Advanced Scattering Techniques (NaM-AST)


In-house facilities

LAB Line – Magnetron Sputtering System

Lab location: R203-4


  1. All magnetrons would allow operation in DC current power for producing metal film (Fe, Ni, Co, Al,…) or conductive oxides (SiO2-x) and in RF (radiofrequency) current power mode for producing insulators.
  2. The system requires a minimum substrate size/substrate holder size of 3″ (typically Si or MgO wafers).
  3. The sample holder allows controlled heating to 1000°C (PID controller: ±1°C) during deposition.
  4. Built in UHV technology to reach a base pressure of < 6 x 10-9 mbar after 24 h bakeout time and cooling down.
  5. The software should allow automatic production of various thin film and multilayer systems according to specific recipes.

MPMS3 – SQUID Magnetometer

Lab location: R302


  1. An Evercool system and equipped with a 7 Tesla magnet.
  2. Incorporates 10-8 emu sensitivity.
  3. Cool samples from RT to 1.8 K in 30 mins and can raise up to 400 K.
  4. Temperature control insert allows 9 mm sample bore.

Cooperative large-scale facilities

GTIIT signs MOU with TUM on academic cooperation and exchanges. Details please refer to Cooperative large-scale facilities