Announcement on Management of the Special Funds for Higher Education

According to the ” Task List of the special funds from the “Strive to be first-class, Improve weak links, Build strong feature” Improvement Program for Higher Education 2020 and Notice about Fund Usage and Management Work” (Guangdong Education Department Letter [2020] No. 2), each key discipline submitted corresponding fund arrangement. After program review, university management review, we are now publicizing the Education Development Special Fund Arrangement. Please see attached file.

The publicity time is from April 22 to April 28, 2020. During the period, if you have any objections to the fund arrangement, please report them to the university by phone or in writing. Upon the objection-raising, one must report or sign with real name, and must have specific facts and standing points; if one does not report or sign with real name, and does not provide specific factual materials, the report will not be accepted.

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