Meilian Chen

Research Scientist

Environmental Engineering program

Dr. Meilian Chen studied in Liantang 3rd Middle School in Jiangxi Province, after which she studied at Harbin Engineering University majoring in chemical engineering, and then pursued a M.S. in analytical chemistry from Jinan University in Guangzhou. After graduation, she worked as a water analyst in Guangzhou Water Supply Company. She obtained a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry from Florida International University at Miami in 2011. She also worked as a postdoc and later a research professor in the Department of Environment and Energy at Sejong University in South Korea. She specializes in aquatic chemistry, biogeochemistry, and environmental science, and her research focuses on the dynamics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in various ecosystems, water quality improvement, and environmental monitoring.

  • Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Various Ecosystems

  • Water Treatment and Water Quality Improvement

  • Environmental Monitoring, Protection, and Remediation


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