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Materials Science and Engineering
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Energy Materials Innovation Laboratory

Prof. Chuan-Fu Lin

Email: chuanfu.lin@gtiit.edu.cn

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Open till filled
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31 Dec. 2020

Position title
Postdoctoral Researcher/Scientist Positions in Advanced Energy Storage/Solid-State Battery/Thin Film Processing - group of Prof. Chuan-Fu Lin (RF-2020009)

Energy Materials Innovation Laboratory @ GTIIT


The Materials Science and Engineering Program, Prof. Chuan-Fu Lin – Energy Materials Innovation Laboratory -  创新能源材料 课题组 (EMI-Lab), is looking for two Postdoctoral Researchers/Scientists to join to work on:


Position 1: Energy Storage/Battery Materials Research

  • Energy storage/battery materials
  • Advanced/beyond Li-ion battery systems
  • Solid-state electrolytes/batteries


Position 2:  Thin Film Technology- ALD/MLD, Hybrid Materials

  • Novel Materials Synthesis via Thin Film Techniques – ALD/ MLD, sputtering
  • Hybrid, Flexible Materials Development for Flexible Electronics
  • Thin-film battery
  • Material synthesis and processing


创新能源材料 课题组

征招 2 位 博士后研究员  从事

(1) 研发新材料    新能源储存科技

(2) 薄膜复合材料研发 原子/分子层沉积  


并积极乐意    结合科学研究与产业应用

About the University (学校简介)

Guangdong Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) is a satellite university of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, locating in Shantou, China. Technion is world-renowned for its exceptional research and education. Since 2004, three faculty members in Technion received the Nobel prize, consistently ranked as a top-100 university.

About the Group (课题组简介)

The EMI-Lab, led by Professor Chuan-Fu Lin, focuses on the development and synthesis of novel materials for next-generation energy storage and conversion systems, and advanced manufacturing. Prof. Lin has interacted with international research teams in the past few years to provide solutions for the emerging needs of industrial partners and scientific society.  Prof. Lin was a research faculty at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland from 2017-2019, and is currently an Adjunct Professor and Assistant Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland and the Catholic University of America.   Professor Lin has been published more than 30 high-impacted journal articles.  His research has successfully attracted research partnerships with research groups and large battery companies worldwide. Read his commentary on Scientific American.

Professor Lin will join GTIIT, Materials Science and Engineering program in Spring 2021. His group will (1) develop the next-generation energy storage for electronic devices and electric vehicles, and (2) develop multi-functional thin films through novel manufacturing technology for energy and electronics research.

Project Details

The research topics of the positions include:

(1) Solid-state electrolytes/batteries;

(2) Hybrid, flexible solid-state batteries for flexible electronics;

(3) High-energy density beyond Li-ion energy storage systems for electric-vehicle applications;

(4) Functional, high-precision, novel, conformal coatings for energy, electronics, optics and packaging;

(5) Thin film synthesis (ALD/MLD) and processing for nanotechnology/electronics application.

The selected researchers/scientists will have opportunities for: (1) international collaborations and conference travel to interact with world experts in the fields; (2) industrial partnership and collaborations.


solid-state battery, Li-ion battery, energy storage, thin film, atomic layer deposition, materials synthesis


****  If you are interested in working on Next-Generation Energy Storage,  Novel Materials Innovations, Thin Film Technology, and Research & Entrepreneurship, Please don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Lin (chuanfu.lin@gtiit.edu.cn) inquiring the positions in EMI-Lab @ GTIIT.****

  1. 博士符合广以理工招收的条件,经过导师面试和招收委员会评估录用;PhD interviewed
  2. 在国际重要刊物上发表过学术论文2篇以上,有相关研究经验者优先考虑;2 papers
  3. 较强的能源儲存材料背景、先进锂电池,固态电池研究经验
  4. 有薄膜生长,原子层沉积技术经验为佳(不同职位)
  5. 独立科研才干,较好的英文理解与表达能力。Expertise & English
Financial compensation岗位待遇
  1. 年薪为20-30,具体视资历而定,课题组根据实际表现额外给予奖励;Annual Salary: 200-300k RMB
  2. 聘期内参照学校正式职工享受相关福利(医疗保险、住房补贴以及其他社会保险等福利),可按规定申请学校公寓(二室一厅住房);Provide housing subsidy and health insurance
  3. 聘期2-3年,表现优秀者可推荐申请校内研究员岗位;applicable to researcher position
  4. 提供良好的科研环境和发展平台,支持申报博后基金、国家和广东科技基金。Support growth and grant applications
Application package申请材料
  1. 个人简历和求职陈述信;CV and Personal statement
  2. 代表性论文或专利、硕博学位证明;representative publications and degree certificates
  3. 三封推荐信及其联系方式。3 reference letters


请将申请材料以电子邮件的方式发送到: Application materials to be sent to Prof. Chuan-Fu Lin at  chuanfu.lin@gtiit.edu.cn

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Position: Postdoctoral Researcher/Scientist Positions in Advanced Energy Storage/Solid-State Battery/Thin Film Processing - group of Prof. Chuan-Fu Lin (RF-2020009)

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