Group Introduction

Green Catalysis and Energy Research Group, led by Prof. Ziyi Zhong, aims to understand heterogeneous catalysis at the molecular level and develop practical applications. The research projects include CO2 conversion and utilization, oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and wastewater treatment. Our multidisciplinary research activities involve the following:

  • Designing and synthesizing high-performance catalysts.
  • Surface chemistry and nanosized materials.
  • Cutting-edge characterization techniques.
  • Understanding reaction kinetics.
  • Efficient process design

Our core Research Facilities

Uv-vis Spectrometer
Mass Spectrometer
In situ FTIR system
Gas Chromatography
High Pressure heterogeneous Catalysis Reactor
Low Pressure heterogeneous Catalysis Reactor
Photothermal Catalysis Reactor