Welcome to Xu Peng Research Group

The Synthetic biology and Intelligent control lab, led by Professor Peng Xu, focuses on applying chemical engineering analysis, molecular tools and computational models to decode biological intelligence, drive the convergence of synthetic biology and artificial design for green manufacturing, better health and medicine. We are driven by a number of questions: How does a cell population precisely control and regulate its gene expression and metabolic activity at genetic, cellular and population level? What is the origin of life and what is the nature of biological intelligence and what kind of new biological intelligence will evolve in the future? Ultimately, can we build synthetic life on Earth?”
The research team will focus on:
(1) Decoding biological intelligence for cellular design and computation
(2) Microbial metabolic engineering for manufacturing value-added compounds
(3) Natural product synthesis, anticancer, antibiotic drugs and human/animal gut health, microbiome and precision medicine
(4) Yeast genome engineering and genome evolution etc.
In our lab, we nurture thought-leaders — students enrich themselves with the art of work experiments, and more importantly, critical thinking and effective communication skills. We seek a journey of originality, creativity, and innovations, recognizing the value of each individual to make their contributions to the world. Through scientific research, we introspect, gaining a better understanding of nature, ourselves, and humanity.