how to apply for research funding

RIGS office would provide supports to researchers at GTIIT on the research funding application from providing information on available funding programs, to guidelines for writing funding applications, to supports on funding application submission and track on submission feedbacks.

General Funding Submission Guidelines

The RIGS Office would help researchers in GTIIT with their funding application. Before applying for external funding, GTIIT researchers should be aware of the submission process and the internal procedures of the whole submission to ensure a smooth start to a successfully funded research.

Submitting a Research Funding Application

RIGS Office would renew and add new research funding opportunities on our intranet. Researchers will be notified by email once funding opportunity posted/updated. When searching for available funding sources, you can refer to the Funding Opportunities section on the Research Intranet.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

We would help you with determining eligibility, interpreting the funding rules, preparing the required materials and etc.

Translated Agency’s general guidelines could be downloaded in section: General Guidelines from Agency. Researchers would also be notified for the updates by email.

If specific guidelines applicable, it will be found on the page for the individual funding program specifications.

Work within the submission guidelines and internal and external timeframes.

  • Review the application
  • Translate the proposal (when necessary)
  • Provide final feedbacks
  • Process the internal administrative procedures
  • Submit the application to the funding body on your behalf

Workflows and Forms on Funding Application



Please click below link to download the latest form.

How to Calculate Overhead (Indirect Cost)


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