Campus EHS Responsibility

  1. Approve the EHS management system 
  2. Regularly share safety management information and follow up the status of EHS-related issues
  3. Leading lab acceptance and Labs safety inspection.
  4. Provide guiding to the implementation of emergency drills
  5. Assist to establish the EHS platform
  1. Lab related regulations, standards collection and interpretation

  2. Lab environmental risk assessment and recommendations

  3. Design review and recommendations

  1. Construction process safety management system setup (risk identification and assessment)
  2. Project EHS acceptance and assessment report
  1. Establish EHS management system
  2. Establish Safety management personnel capacity model
  3. Lab safety information sharing system
  4. Establish lab visualization system
  5. Lab Operational Risk Assessment and Improving
  1. Plan & establish Emergency system
  2. Develop Emergency team and training
  3. Emergency resources management
  4. Emergency drilling & coaching