Yuanshen Qi 祁原深

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering



Materials Science and Engineering, Guangdong Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Research Building, R320, 241 Daxue Road, Jinping District, Shantou.

Email: yuanshen.qi@gtiit.edu.cn

Phone (Office): 88077173


BE: Wuhan University of Technology & Monash University, 2012

PhD: Monash University, 2016 (Advisor: Prof. Yuri Estrin and Prof. Rimma Lapovok)

Postdoc: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, 2017-2020 (Advisor: Prof. Eugen Rabkin)

Research Interest:

Electrically assisted nano-metallurgy 电致塑性和电迁移在微纳冶金中的机理研究和应用

Nanoscale interdiffusion and nanoscale plasticity based on Nanowhiskers 基于微纳晶须的纳米尺度的扩散和塑性形变研究

Solid state dewetting of metallic thin films 金属纳米薄膜的固态反浸润

Characterization of microstructure and crystal lattice defects 微观结构和晶体缺陷的表征

Bulk nanostructured materials by severe plastic deformation 剧烈塑性形变制备纳米材料

Heterostructured materials and ferroelectric materials 异质结构材料和铁电存储材料

Focused-ion beam/electron beam techniques 聚焦离子/电子显微镜表征&材料制备


315051 Diffusion in Solids (Spring semester, 2021)

Group members:

Hongbo Xie (Lab manager)

Qingxing Duan (Master candidate; Wuhan University of Technology)

Xinnian Wu (Master candidate; Chongqing University)

Zhonghong Kong (cohort 2018)

Xin Bin (cohort 2018)

Yingqian Deng (cohort 2018) (co-supervised with Prof. Nan Wang)

Leran Lv (cohort 2018) (co-supervised with Prof. Nan Wang)

Zhaolun Li (cohort 2018)

Wanting Zhang (cohort 2018)

Huiwen Huang (cohort 2018)

Representative publications:

Qi, Y.*, Xu, X., Krylov, I., Eizenberg, M. Ferroelectricity of as-deposited HZO fabricated by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition at 300°C by inserting TiO2 interlayers, (2021) Applied Physics Letters, 118(3), pp. 032906.

Qi, Y. *, Kauffmann, Y., Kosinova, A., Kilmametov, A.R., Straumal, B.B., Rabkin, E.* Gradient bandgap narrowing in severely deformed ZnO nanoparticles, (2021) Materials Research Letters, 9(1), pp. 58-64.

Qi, Y. *, Richter, G., Suadiye, E., Kalina, M., Rabkin, E.* Plastic Forming of Metals at the Nanoscale: Interdiffusion-Induced Bending of Bimetallic Nanowhiskers, (2020) ACS Nano, 14(9), pp. 11691-11699.

Qi, Y. *, Richter, G., Suadiye, E., Klinger, L., Rabkin, E.* Interdiffusion in bimetallic Au-Fe nanowhiskers controlled by interface mobility, (2020) Acta Materialia, 197, pp. 137-145.

Qi, Y. *, Kosinova, A., Kilmametov, A.R., Straumal, B.B., Rabkin, E.* Stabilization of ultrafine-grained microstructure in high-purity copper by gas-filled pores produced by severe plastic deformation, (2020) Scripta Materialia, 178, pp. 29-33.

Qi, Y. *, Kosinova, A., Kilmametov, A.R., Straumal, B.B., Rabkin, E.* Plastic flow and microstructural instabilities during high-pressure torsion of Cu/ZnO composites,(2018) Materials Characterization, 145, pp. 389-401.

Qi, Y. *, Kosinova, A., Kilmametov, A.R., Straumal, B.B., Rabkin, E.* Generation and healing of porosity in high purity copper by high-pressure torsion, (2018) Materials Characterization, 145, 1-9.

Qi, Y. *, Timokhina, I.B.*, Shekhter, A., Sharp, K., Lapovok, R. Optimization of upcycling of Ti-6Al-4V swarf, (2018) Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 255, pp. 853-864.

Qi, Y.*, Lapovok, R., Estrin, Y.* Microstructure and electrical conductivity of aluminium/steel bimetallic rods processed by severe plastic deformation, (2016) Journal of Materials Science, 51, pp. 6860–6875.

Qi, Y.*, Contreras, K.G., Jung, H.-D., Kim, H.-E., Lapovok, R., Estrin, Y.* Ultrafine-grained porous titanium and porous titanium/magnesium composites fabricated by space holder-enabled severe plastic deformation, (2016) Materials Science and Engineering C, 59, pp. 754-765.