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GTIIT’s talented and motivated graduate students play a major role in driving research conducted at GTIIT towards new horizons. GTIIT has recruited faculty members from top universities and research institutes from all over the world, including faculty members from the Technion in Israel. These experts inspire and guide our students throughout their studies, acting as role models and partners towards innovation and research.

Students in both the master’s and the PhD programs are part of the Technion Graduate School. The majority of their research work will be carried out at the GTIIT campus in Shantou and, in addition, they will have the opportunity to attend graduate classes and use the research facilities at the Technion campus in Haifa. This generally involves one semester in Haifa for a master’s degree and two semesters for a PhD degree. The degrees will be awarded by the Technion, Israel.

GTIIT is looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and competent candidates for our Graduate Studies to conduct research projects in all of our study areas. Click here to see  examples of our open positions for graduate students. If you are interested in a project that does not appear on the list, please contact us so we may connect you with the appropriate advisor.

Technion Graduate School

Technion is one of the world’s highest ranked universities in science, technology and applied research. Technion provides a unique opportunity to earn your master’s and PhD degrees in a supportive and stimulating multidisciplinary environment, and join the vibrant community of culturally diverse scientists from around the world, engaged in groundbreaking scientific work at cutting-edge facilities.

For more details on the Technion’s Graduate School, please click here.