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T3 is the Technology Transfer Office of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. As part of the Technion R&D Foundation Ltd. (TRDF), T3’s mission is to nurture Technion’s human capital and unparalleled intellectual wealth, connecting academia and industry for the commercialization and commercialization of sustainable, high-impact technologies of the future. democratization. To achieve this, T3 nurtures promising researchers and talented individuals by assisting researchers in identifying commercially viable technologies and obtaining legal protection of intellectual property rights, and connecting them with promising companies and entrepreneurs. Researchers jump from the lab to the field, and they can change the way we live, learn, work and interact.

Technion DRIVE Accelerator is home for Technion entrepreneurs, which has access to Technion’s talents and network. It has up to $100,000 investment with office space and fund-raising support. The accelerator also provides mentorship program and international collaborations for accelerating Technion entrepreneurs to success.

自动化、机动性和航空航天Automation, mobility and aerospace
40 technologies、44 researchers、15 companies 100%
化学与材料Chemistry and materials
100 technologies、93 researchers、7 companies 100%
粮食和农业Food and agriculture
15 technologies、35 researchers、18 companies 100%
信息与计算机科学Information and computer science
82 technologies、81 researchers、33 companies 100%
医疗器械medical apparatus and instruments
67 technologies、48 researchers、60 companies 100%
制药和生物技术Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
74 technologies、80 researchers、42 companies 100%
安全与防御Security and defense
18 technologies、28 researchers、5 companies 100%
可持续性和能源Sustainability and energy
55 technologies、44 researchers、12 companies 100%
4 technologies、14 researchers、7 companies 100%
物理学和电光Physics and Electro-Optics
63 technologies、44 researchers、6 companies 100%

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