*National Basic Science Center Program of China in Department of Health Sciences

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Subject Areas:

Interdisciplinary ; Health Sciences;

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* Funding program for reference.


This fund supports scientists to build interdisciplinary science center and calls for proposal in life science and medical area.

How to Apply

In the first stage, recommendation by Ministry of Science is required. After selected in the competition for recommendation, the project leader can apply through host institution. 


1.  The applicant should be less than 60 years old. The applicant and core member should consist of less than 10 people. Host and cooperative institutions should include no more than 4 institutions.

2.  The leader of academic affairs should be internationally reputable scientists with high academic level, ability to control in general range, ability to coordinate and unite and to form an interdisciplinary research team.

Award Information

Project Duration: 10 years, assessment would be conducted after 5 years

Award size: 100,000,000(100 million) Yuan – 200,000,000(200 million) Yuan for 5 years

Proposal Submission

Please send the paper proposal and e-version proposal to Comprehensive Office of Department of Health Sciences, NSFC before March 30, 2018.

The Host Institution

The host institution of the basic science center project should have complete scientific research supporting condition and sound management system on science and research, promise to guarantee the research condition needed for the science center as well as provide remuneration package for domestic and overseas cooperative scientists.


Agency Contact

HAN Liwei

Mail: hanlw@nsfc.gov.cn

Phone: 010-62328552

Address: 83 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Comprehensive Office of Department of Health Sciences, NSFC, Beijing 100085