Staff Team

Research, Informatics and Graduate Studies Office

Dr. Jeanne Liu- Manager of Research Office & Coordinator to VC 

Assisting the VC in the overall management of the RIGS Office and coordinating all issues in the RIGS Office; assisting in the recruitment and supervision of graduate students.

Office: A511

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7092


Rita Zhou- Data & Analytics Manager 

Providing services on database design, implementation & maintenance as well as data management, analysis & reporting.

Design, create and maintain the research office websites and Research intranet.

Office: A542

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7030


Victor Huang- Industry Relation Development Manager

Performing duties that supports the goals of RIGS office, establishing and maintaining corporate relationships so that GTIIT sees increases in 1) levels of research collaborations; 2) industry/student engagements; 3) entrepreneurship capabilities.

Office: A508

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7032

Yanning Cai-Assistant of Research, Informatics & Graduate Studies Office

Performing duties in exploring finance/funding support, guiding and helping grant application, governmental document or regulation translation and other related office work in RIGS Office.

Office: A510

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7031


Margaret Sun-Assistant of Research, Informatics & Graduate Studies Office

Performing duties that supports the follow-up work in key discipline project and provincial lab project; assisting in academic events and other related administrated work in RIGS Office.

Office: A523

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7124


Shirley Li-Data Management Assistant

Supporting Research data management, maintenance as well as data analysis and statistical report preparation for RIGS Office;

Assisting in webpage creation and maintenance of the research office websites.

Office: A516

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7108


Academic Administration Office

Michelle Cheng- Director of Academic Administration Office 

Managing overall HR function for Academic Admin office.

Assist in the administration procedure of faculty recruitment, contract terms review, C&B, motivation and retention etc., in conjunction with Technion academic office and VC.

Create faculty personal academic files and data for faculty in conjunction with Technion academic office and VC.

Office: A543

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7069


Shutong Zhang-Assistant of Academic Administration Office

Assist with the administration procedure of junior faculty staff and faculty support recruitment, including recruiting procedure clarification for PI and faculty members, job posting, screening, interview arrangement and enrollment package preparation etc., also responsible for welfare and contract preparation, including contract terms negotiation, employment contract preparation, etc.

Office: A515

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7155


Samantha Chen -Assistant of Academic Administration Office

Manage Academic HR database and prepare reports; provide administration services and support of talent program to faulty and teachers; assist Head of Academic Administration Office on the implementation of faculty academic procedure.  

Office: A514

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7185


Vicky Zheng -Assistant of Academic Administration Office

Providing support for academic transportation arrangement, assisting with agreement draft and files management for part-time academic members, such as SA,TA,RA; working with procurement team for agent selection.

Office: A512