Staff Team

Research, Informatics and Graduate Studies Office (RIGS)

Liang Tao-Director of RIGS Office & Dean of Research

Take overall management of the RIGS Office, to coordinate all the daily work of the RIGS Office;
Take overall research planning and implementation including policy and regulation formulation, research platform/funding application and management;
Responsible for verification, statistics and reporting of research achievements of the university;
Responsible for the organization and implementation of university-wide academic events and activities to popularize scientific knowledge.

Office: A326

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7095


Shirley Li-Data Management Specialist

Supporting Research data management, maintenance as well as data analysis and statistical report preparation for RIGS Office;

Assisting in webpage creation and maintenance of the research office websites.

Office: A515

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7108


Kim Ye-Manager for Research Grant

Identify, explore and manage funding opportunities, support grant applications and research platform development, manage and follow up the whole life cycle of all research projects, facilitate and coordinate collaboration with industry in conjunction with GTEC.

Office: A509

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7103


Yanning Cai-Specialist

Performing duties in exploring finance/funding support, guiding and helping grant application, governmental document or regulation translation and other related office work in RIGS Office.

Office: A510

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7031


Dr. Jeanne Liu- Senior Manager

Assisting the overall management of the RIGS Office and coordinating all issues in the RIGS Office; assisting in the recruitment and supervision of graduate students.

Office: A511

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7092


Mandy Xie-Assistant

Assist in daily management of graduate students with emphasis on their teaching and course requirements.

Office: A516