Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies Office 

-Staff Team

Prof. Ka Yin Leung- Deputy to Vice Chancellor (VC) 

Responsible for supporting the VC in his duties related to different faculty affairs and research.

Office: A322

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7115



Dr. Jeanne Liu- Manager of Research office & Coordinator to VC 

Assisting the VC in the overall management of the RIGS Office and coordinating all issues in the RIGS Office; assisting in the recruitment and supervision of graduate students.

Office: A511

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7092



Heather Liu- Head of Administration Service

  1. Assist in the administration procedure of faculty recruitment, including contract minor terms and details negotiation;

  2. Assist in the administration of faculty academic procedures as: promotion, sabbatical etc. , in conjunction with Technion academic office and VC;

  3. Create faculty personal academic files and data for faculty in conjunction with Technion academic office and VC;

  4. Conference and workshop administrative coordination and management.

Office: A543

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7069



Rita Zhou- Data & Analytics Manager 

Providing services on database design, implementation & maintenance as well as data management, analysis & reporting.

Office: A542

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7030



Victor Huang- Industry Relation Development Manager

Performing duties that supports the goals of RIGS office, establishing and maintaining corporate relationships so that GTIIT sees increases in 1) levels of research collaborations; 2) industry/student engagements; 3) entrepreneurship capabilities.

Office: A508

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7032


Yanning Cai-Assistant of Research, Innovation & Graduate Studies Office

Performing duties in exploring finance/funding support, guiding and helping grant application, governmental document or regulation translation and other related office work in RIGS Office.

Office: A510

Tel: +86 (754) 8807 7031