Research Center for Advanced Theoretical Sciences (GTIIT-ATS)

Rational: The main mission of the center will be the advancement of fundamental knowledge in such disciplines as mathematics, physics and computer science. Strengthen worldwide researcher’s communication and augment their interaction.  Strengthen interaction in fundamental research among Israeli, other International and Chinese scientists. Provide theoretical tools for analysis, synthesis and design to the applied centers.

Method: In additional to the normal research performed by the center’s researchers and their individual invitees, additional activities are planned.

International conferences and workshops (4-5 days) in the different areas and in areas which may stand in between two or more topics. The number of participants will be between 20-50 participants. These will include established researchers, post docs, Ph.D. students. We estimate a total of 5 conferences per year.

There will be Special semesters: One semester (3 months) per year will be devoted to a certain topic related to the research of the center. An average of 10 researchers from abroad will be present during the semester. These may include researchers from the Technion and China together with worldwide scientists. In addition to these researchers the center will host post-docs or advanced Ph.D. students.

Summer schools: Once a year, for a period of 2 weeks, the center will organize a school for graduate students. The center will host 3-4 researchers whom each will give a series of lectures.

The theoretical scientists will be part supporting the applied research centers as well as teaching in the UG programs.