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MSc Degrees

Ref. ID Position Group Status Posted Date
GS-2019007 PhD / Master (MSc) Positions Under Chemical Engineering Programme Prof. Ziyi Zhong Open 08/08/19
GS-2019004 PhD / Master (MSc) Positions in Organic Chemistry Prof. Sehoon Park Open 18/02/19
GS-2019002 PhD / Master (MSc) Positions in Surface Engineering and Corrosion Prof. Aleksandra Baron-Wiechec Open 10/01/19
GS-2019001 PhD / Master (MSc) Positions in Geometric Function Theory Assoc. Prof. Antti Rasila Open 08/01/19
GS-2018013 PhD / Master (MSc) Positions in Surface Chemistry Prof. Kai Huang Open 17/10/18
GS-2018010 PhD/Master (MSc) in Computational Materials Science Prof. Nan Wang Open 20/09/18
GS-2018009 Master (MSc) in Environmental DOM Biogeochemistry Lab Dr. Meilian Chen Open 21/08/18
GS-2018008 Master (MSc) Positions in Dielectric materials and Electrochemical Devices Prof. Daniel Tan Open 22/06/18
GS-2018005 PhD/Master (MSc) in Fish Microbiology or Disease Resistance in Fish Prof. Ka Yin Leung Open 08/03/18
GS-2018003 PhD/Master(MSc) in Time Response to Materials Stimulus Prof Klaus‑Dieter Liss Open 01/02/18
GS-2018002 PhD/Master (MSc) in Modern Diffraction Methods for Thermo Mechanical Processes Prof. Klaus Liss Open 01/02/18