Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is an interdisciplinary field which is based on the correlation between the materials microstructure and their properties and processing.  From an engineering perspective, we design the material’s microstructure to hold certain properties. Recently there is a focus on materials with a microstructure on the nanometer length-scale. Thus, materials scientists and engineers design materials as well as manufacturing processes for the microelectronics industry, develop advanced metals and alloys, polymers and plastics, modern ceramic materials, composites, materials for batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics, and methods and materials to prevent corrosion.

The research fields of the faculty members who joined so far, the MSE program at GTIIT are:

Electronic materials:

Associate Professor Mario Lanza’s research focuses on the design, characterization and optimization of micro and nano-electronic devices using two dimensional (2D) materials. He is specializing on the reliability issues of 2D dielectrics, such as hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and is using 2D dielectrics coupled with graphene and other 2D materials for the fabrication of resistive random-access memories.

b. Professor Frank Klose is working on novel spintronic, multiferroic and magnetic thin film materials with future applications in electronic data storage and sensor technologies. His research group uses neutron and synchrotron scattering methods as major research tools.

2. Energy:

Associate Professor Daniel Qi Tan’s research interests revolve around nanostructures, nano-enabled composite materials, and dielectric driven capacitor technology. He is aiming at successful development and implementation of high performance nanocomposites for super-capacitors.