PhD/Master (MSc)
Materials Science and Engineering
Research Area
Molecular Electronics Related to Circuit and Processing Electronics

Prof. Zuoti Xie

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Open till filled
Date Posted

19 May 2020


Guangdong Technion - Israel Institute of Technology   (GTIIT), China & Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

Position title
Research positions at different level are available in Molecular Electronics - group of Prof. Zuoti Xie (GS-2020003)

The Materials Science and Engineering Program (group of Zuoti Xie) is welcome students to apply for graduate (Master and PhD) program to conduct experimental research projects in molecular electronics related to circuit and processing electronics. Successful graduates will be awarded academic degrees from Guangdong Technion and Technion (Haifa)-Israel Institute of Technology.


Project Details (研究简介)

Molecular electronics is to study electrical transport in individual or single layer of molecular materials. One of the central focuses of this field is to build clear connection between the transport properties and the electronic structures of molecular junctions. In particular, the offset of the Fermi level relative to the appropriate frontier molecular orbital and the electrode−molecule coupling strength (level width) are recognized as two main factors that determine the electrical properties of a typical molecular junction. We use conducting probe atomic force microscopy to contact small numbers of molecules and to test their electrical properties. Based on an analytical single level model, derived from the Landauer formula, we are able to extract the effective tunneling barrier and molecule-electrode interface coupling from experimental current-voltage traces. We are interested in how the current-voltage characteristics of these molecular junctions depend on molecular size, bonding and functional group architecture, and the nature of the electrode-molecule contacts. We then analyze the impacts of these variables on the performance and electronic structure of the devices. Our study not only provides insights on molecular device physics, but also allows for improved device optimization in order to obtain desired electrical behaviors.


Selection Criteria (应聘条件)

- Master degree (or equivalent) in Physics, Chemistry or Material Science is requested for PhD (essential). Background in organic electronics, molecular electronics, and semiconductor physics is preferable.


- Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in related field is requested for Master (MSc). Interested and self-motivated students can move up to PhD program.


- Experiences in self-assembled monolayer deposition, electronic structures and/or electrical characterization are preferable.


- Good communication skills, good command of English.


- Ability to author scientific reports and co-author scientific publications.


- The Master/PhD candidate must fulfill the requirements for admission to the Technion Graduate School and needs to comply with its regulations leading to the PhD/Master degree: https://graduate.technion.ac.il/en/prospective-students/


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Position: Research positions at different level are available in Molecular Electronics - group of Prof. Zuoti Xie (GS-2020003)

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