Research Fellow (Postdoctorate)
Mechanical Engineering (Robotics)
Research Area
Fluid Dynamics, Thermofluids, and Interfacial Phenomena

Prof. Youhua Jiang

Email: youhua.jiang@gtiit.edu.cn

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Application Deadline
Open till filled
Date Posted

04 Nov. 2020

Position title
Postdoc Positions in Fluid Dynamics, Thermofluids, and Interfacial Phenomena - group of Prof. Youhua Jiang (RF-2020007)
About the University (学校简介)

Guangdong Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) is a satellite university of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, locating in Shantou, China. Technion is world-renowned for its exceptional research and education. Since 2004, three faculty members in Technion received the Nobel prize, consistently ranked as a top-100 university.

About the Group (课题组简介)

Dr. Youhua Jiang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Jiang received his Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2018, followed by the postdoctoral training at Northwestern University. Dr. Jiang specializes in Interfacial Phenomena, including various research directions such as interfacial fluid dynamics, phase-change heat transfer, colloids and interfaces, and physical chemistry. Dr. Jiang has authored nearly 20 papers in the leading journals of Interfacial Phenomena, including Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Langmuir, Soft Matter, and J. Colloid and Interface Science. Dr. Jiang served on the Editorial Board of Surface Innovations, a JCR-Q2 Journal, and served as reviewer for 19 journals.

姜又华博士从2020年10月开始在GTIIT担任机械系助理教授。他博士毕业于斯蒂文斯理工,并在西北大学接受博士后训练。该课题组着力于研究界面现象,微流体,相变换热,胶体与界面等。姜博士已发表近20篇论文,大多发表在该领域顶级期刊,一作包括PRL, APL, Langmuir, Soft Matter, JCIS等,并担任JCR二区期刊Surface Innovations的编委及19个期刊的审稿人。

Recruitment Information and Criteria (招生招聘信息及要求)


There are 1-2 openings for Postdocs.


  1. Applicants should have a robust educational background in Mechanical Engineering, Thermal and Power, Aerospace, Ocean Engineering, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Mineral Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and/or Applied Mathematics.教育背景需要跟机械、能动、航空、化工、应用数学相关。
  2. Applicants should have the listed research experience:
    1. Fluid Dynamics and/or Computational Fluid Dynamics
    2. Thermal-Fluids and/or Thermophysics
    3. Interfacial Phenomena, Microfluidics, and/or Soft Matter


  1. Letters of recommendation from 3 faculty members who can evaluate the applicant. 3封来自老师或同行的推荐信。
  2. A short research plans in association with Prof. Jiang’s research expertise. 结合姜教授的科研领域,提出一个简短(一页)的科研计划。
Salary and Benefits(工资与待遇)

Postdocs(博后): not less than 250,000 RMB per year supported by the group + supports from other sources. 年薪不低于25万,住教职工高级公寓,工资有上升空间且可议。

Application procedures(申请流程)

-Please read the university website (https://sites.gtiit.edu.cn/research/research-fellowship/) and group website (https://www.thejianggroup.com) and contact Dr. Jiang by email (youhua.jiang@gtiit.edu.cn) with required materials. 请先看学校主页与姜教授的个人主页关于申请的具体要求之后,准备好材料再联系。

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Position: Postdoc Positions in Fluid Dynamics, Thermofluids, and Interfacial Phenomena - group of Prof. Youhua Jiang (RF-2020007)

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