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Dielectric Materials

Prof. Daniel Tan


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12 August 2021

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Research Fellow Position in Dielectric Materials (电介质材料博士后) -Group of Prof. Daniel Tan (RF-2021005)
一、Team introduction 学术团队简介

谭教授获得中国科学院和美国伊利诺伊大学博士学位;曾任美国通用电气全球研发中心首席电容器科学家,具有美国大学和大企业25年的工作经历,主持过40多项材料前沿和应用研究项目,获得中国科学院自然科学奖一等奖等奖励,现为材料科学与工程系副主任。Prof. Tan pursues dielectric polymer composite processing, ALD coating, thin films, electronic ceramics, and electrochemical supercapacitor research in universities and industry for 30+ years. The Tan group (Dielectrics & Electrochemistry Lab) owns world-class research equipment and environment. As a team of international scientists, we practice the multi-disciplinary collaboration investigating the relationship between process, structure and properties of dielectrics, electrodes, and energy storage.


二、Research direction招聘研究方向(多名)

电介质聚合物、复合材料薄膜,压电与微波介质陶瓷Dielectric polymers, nanocomposite films, piezoceramic and microwave ceramics (

  1. 相关专业博士,专业不限,经导师面试录用;PhD in relevant disciplines, interviewed
  2. 在国际重要刊物上发表过论文2篇,有相关研究经验者破格录用;2 papers preferred
  3. 有较强的材料理论基础、样品制备能力、独立科研能力,英文理解与表达能力。Hands-on expertise & English comprehension
四、Financial compensation岗位待遇
  1. 年薪25-35万(视资历而定),加上绩效奖励;250-350k RMB/year, plus annual bonus
  2. 额外享受33%社会保险等福利、公寓和政府人才奖励;Insurance, Housing, City talent awards
  3. 聘期2年以上,表现优秀者可推荐校内研究岗位;Applicable to research position
  4. 提供职业发展平台,支持申报各类科技基金。Support career growth, grant applications
五、Application package申请材料
  1. 个人简历和求职陈述信;CV and Personal statement
  2. 代表性论文或专利、博士学位证明;Publication and graduate certificates
  3. 三封推荐信。3 references


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Position: Research Fellow Position in Dielectric Materials (电介质材料博士后) -Group of Prof. Daniel Tan (RF-2021005)

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