Charge and Training


Independent GT User
Common GT User
Academic User
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EM Training Regulations

  1. Graduate students who have studied the relevant theory are welcome to contact the EM Center for training. The user may apply for one EM (SEM/FIB/TEM) training at a time.

  2. The duration of a training package (including the exam) for the SEM, FIB, and TEM is 8 hours, 16 hours, and 16 hours respectively. The training fee per hour is equivalent with the fee per hour for common GT user. Each training package permits no more than two users to study at the same time.

  3. The EM training exam has two sections: operation assessment and safety theory. A user who has successfully passed both sections is then permitted to independently operate the EM they have qualified for.

  4. If the user fails to pass the exam within the duration of the training package, he/she needs to apply for additional sessions for practice and an additional exam.

  5. Any user who has passed the EM training exam and operated the corresponding EM independently for over 100 hours is qualified to apply for an additional EM training package.

  6. Any user who does not operate the EM independently within 3 months after passing the exam, needs to take the exam again before independent use.

  7. If the user triggers a safety alarm or causes damage to the EM due to improper operation during independent use, their independent operation qualification will be revoked.

  8. Any direct or indirect costs associated with damage during independent use of EMs must be paid by the user’s PI.

  9. After one-month restriction, the restricted user can reapply for EM training (optional) and exam (required) to become an independent user once more.

  10. During the restricted period, the user can still make a reservation as a common user.