Team Members

Electron Microscopy Center Director

Limei Cha, Director of the Electron Microscopy Center, graduated from Max Planck Gesellschaft Institute of Metals in Germany, studying under Professor Manfred Ruehle, a famous expert in transmission electron microscopy. She has a profound background in the field of material microstructure and electron microscopy analysis, along with solid theoretical knowledge foundation and rich practical experience. She engaged in material analysis and research for more than ten years in the electron microscope laboratory team of top European countries, such as Germany, Austria, France, etc., and has exchanged and cooperated with top teams at home and abroad. After returning to China, she independently presided over and cooperated in seven national and provincial natural science funds. In the middle of 2018, she joined GTIIT and started to plan and build GTIIT Electron Microscopy Center.

Office: R724                       Tel: 8807 7105                       Email:

Electron Microscopy Center Engineers


Jingfang Shen, Scanning Electron Microscopy Engineer of the Electron Microscopy Center, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2017, majoring in material science and engineering. From August 2017 to March 2020, she successively engaged in physical and chemical testing, component failure analysis, forging and casting technical status management in China Aviation Development Guizhou Liyang Aviation Power Co., Ltd. She has been in charge of and participated in a number of aeronautical research projects, and has accumulated a lot of practical experience in aeronautical material testing and processing. She joined GTIIT Electron Microscopy Center in May 2020. She is good at the use of scanning electron microscope and its supporting material analysis function, and familiar with microscopic observation of samples in material, chemical industry, biology, food, environment major, etc.

Office: R730                   Tel: 8807 7154              Email:                 Lab: SEM-RB02

Wenjing Zhang, Focused Ion Beam – Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM) Engineer of the Electron Microscopy Center, joined GTIIT in July 2020. She received her master’s degree in physics from Beijing University of Technology in 2020 and her bachelor’s degree in metal material engineering from Taiyuan University of Technology in 2017. She has participated in multiple scientific research projects and her research mainly focused on the use of electron microscopy methods to investigate the relationship between the microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of superalloys. She has accumulated rich practical experience in electron microscopy and is good at the multi-module analysis function of SEM and FIB, and familiar with various TEM sample preparation methods of metals, ceramics, semiconductor devices and new energy materials.

Office: R730                 Tel: 8807 7169                Email:                  Lab: FIB-RB05

Zhixiang Si obtained his B.E. in polymer material Engineering from Shandong University in 2017. In 2020, he received his M.E. from Beijing University of technology under the supervision of the Prof. Manling Sui and joined Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of technology (GTIIT). From 2020 to now, he served as a transmission electron microscope engineer in Electron Microscope Center (EMC). His research is mainly focus on perovskite films and solar cells. He has participated in many NSFC and Guangdong Science and Technology projects and published 2 journal paper. He has a lot of experience in characterizing various materials (including metal, polymer, ceramics, etc.) by Transmission Electron Microscope. He has a deep understanding of the equipment and the analysis of experimental data.

Office: R730                Tel: 8807 7170                Email:                        Lab: TEM-RB03



Qi Yuan, research assistant, obtained the master’s degree in materials science and engineering from Hunan University in 2018, and the bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering from Hunan University of Technology in 2015. The main research areas are thin-film solar cells and lithium-ion batteries.

Office: R721-H                Email:

Zhuangzhuang Hu, Research Assistant, joined GTIIT in 2023.7, assist others in their research work and responsible for sample preparation labs.


Former members

Hao Peng, responsible for sample preparation labs from November 2022 to July 2023.

Haocheng Jiang and Xingyu Yao, who were tutored by Dr. Cha to complete the ‘Climbing Plan’ Project and publish an SCI paper.

Qia Lin and Xuqi Liu, who were tutored by Dr. Cha to complete the ‘Climbing Plan’ Project and publish an SCI paper.

Zhijin Yu and Banghong Du, who were tutored by Dr. Cha to complete their advanced project.