Regulations for Electron Microscopy Center Laboratory

The regulation is hereby formulated to ensure that scientific researchers use the equipment of EMC efficiently and orderly.

  1. Keep the laboratory clean and tidy, it is strictly forbidden to bring any food and drink into the laboratory. When the experiment is completed, it must be sorted and cleaned.
  2. Take good care of the equipment, do not move instrument parts and change software settings, and do not change indoor ventilation and temperature settings without authorization, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences. In case of special circumstances, please contact the laboratory administrator in time.
  3. The use and maintenance of the equipment should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures and instructions. The maintenance cost of the instrument failure caused by the operation error shall be borne by the research group of the operator and his research group/unit.
  4. After the using of the experimental tools, they should be returned in time and should not be taken out of the lab. If the tools are found to be damaged, they should be truthfully registered and the laboratory administrator should be notified as soon as possible.
  5. For the approved reservation application, the applicant shall arrive on time according to the agreed time. If it is more than 20 minutes late, EMC will cancel the application. If the applicant fails to arrive on time for two times, their reservation qualification will be canceled.
  6. Strictly implement the laboratory registration system. When the experiment is completed, you must register in the corresponding equipment use register in time. Once the use is not registered, the right to make a reservation will be suspended once.
  7. Only use CD or DVD disks to copy data, not U disks or rewritable CDs.
  8. If the supporting electrical facilities of the equipment fail, the laboratory administrator should be notified, and the relevant professional personnel should be notified to repair it. Non-professional operators shall not handle it to prevent accidents.
  9. In case of personal injury, disinfection, bandaging and hemostasis should be carried out immediately to prevent infection, and timely medical treatment should be provided in severe case.
  10. In case of fire hazard, immediately shut down the power supply, use the surrounding fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire, and inform the laboratory administrator and emergency/report center. When the disposal is invalid, evacuate to a safe place according to the on-site.
  11. In case of equipment leakage, the power supply of the equipment should be turned off immediately. If someone gets an electric shock, do not touch the electric shock by limbs. Turn off the power supply and remove the charged objects.
  12. When an accident occurs, immediately notify the laboratory administrator by the phone number 0754-88077154 (SEM), 0754-88077169 (FIB), 0754-88077170 (TEM) and Emergency & Maintenance Center 0754-88077110.