2017 CCF- Tencent Open Fund

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The fund supports independent research among young scientists to be combined with industrial research in 13 fields: 1. research on the standards, laws and ethics of artificial intelligence 2. machine learning topics 3. detection and recognition of OCR in natural environment 4. video analysis and understanding based on depth learning 5. research on multi domain interactive chat technology in open domain 6. automatic summarization and automatic writing of news and information 7. research on self-adaptive inter language personalized speech synthesis 8. FPGA heterogeneous acceleration and its application in artificial intelligence 9. research on video anti-theft chain analysis of social events 10. discovery, dissemination, and impact on users 11. large scale graph computing under resource constrained conditions 12. application of depth reinforcement learning in online game operation and application of depth learning technology in Internet advertising.

How to Apply

The applicant should apply online at http://ur.tencent.com/fund and upload an application form.


  1. The applicant should be full-time teachers or research fellows in domestic or overseas universities/research institutions born after January 1, 1981 (January 1, 1976 for female applicants)
  2. The serving time for the applicant in universities after receiving his/her master/doctor degree should be no more than 5 years (no more than 10 years for female).
  3. The applicant should be able to conduct research independently and lead a student team to conduct joint research.

Award Information

Project DurationMay 15, 2017 – October 10, 2018

Award Size: 20,000(20 thousand) – 50,000(50 thousand) Yuan for each research on the standards, laws and ethics of artificial intelligence, 100,000(100 thousand) Yuan for each research in other fields. At the same time 30,000(30 thousand) Yuan would be provided for young scholars to apply for international and domestic patents as a supplement for applicants who do not receive the CCF-Tecent Fund.

Proposal Submission

The proposal should be submitted online during May 15, 2017 to June 15, 2017.


Agency Contact

HUANG Tingting

Foundation Project Team

Email: tinatthuang@tencent.com