Guangdong Science and Technology Cooperation Award

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  1. Guangdong Science and Technology Cooperation Award


    1. Nomination Requirements for Science and Technology Cooperation Award:


    The Science and Technology Cooperation Awards focus on science and technology cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, international scientific and technological cooperation, etc., and individuals or organizations from outside the province who have made important contributions to the science and technology of our province and meet the following conditions:

    (1) Cooperating with the province for research and development and have achieved major scientific and technological achievements;

    (2) Teaching advanced science and technology knowledge and cultivating talents for our province with remarkable results;

    (3) Making important contributions to the province’s foreign scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation.


    1. Proof materials:


    1. Technical evaluation certificate: refers to the corresponding proof of cooperation research and development with the citizens or organizations of our province, such as: co-published papers, copy of the related content of monograph or publication; copy of the closely relevant contents cited by others from co-published papers, monographs and others; the invention patent, computer software copyright, integrated circuit layout design right, the authorization certificate of the new plant variety right, and the specification of the claim; the technical identification certificate, the acceptance report, the technical standard adoption certificate, the inspection report of the authorized department and national laws and regulations require copies of materials such as approval documents approved by relevant industries (such as new drugs, medical devices, new varieties of animals and plants, pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary drugs, food, communication equipment, pressure vessels, standards, etc.). (Up to 5 PDF files, 3 pages per PDF)


    1. Proof of training or talent cultivation: If the advanced technology is taught to citizens or organizations in our province, the institution that accepts the training shall provide proof of the status of the trained scientific and technical personnel of the institution. (Up to 5 PDF files, 3 pages per PDF)


    1. Equipment and application certificate: If advanced equipment is provided, the cooperation institution of our province shall provide proof of equipment use. (Up to 5 PDF files, 3 pages per PDF)


    1. Proof of social and economic benefits: Refers to the proof of the social benefits and economic benefits obtained by the cooperative institution of our province in the process of researching or promoting the application of advanced technologies.


    1. Recent standard photos and work photos: 1 for each. (Up to 2 JPG or PDF files)


    1. The nominee (organization) valid certificate. (Up to 2 JPG or PDF files)


    1. Other proof: refers to other supporting materials that are useful for evaluating candidates or candidate organizations. (Up to 5 PDF files, 3 pages per PDF)


    1. Time Schedule:


    Please note that the online application system would be open during October 10th -October 30th 23:59.