Notice of the Guangdong Department of Science and Technology on Organizing the Application of the 2018 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center

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10/25/2018- 17:00;



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The applicants can be companies, enterprises, universities and a research institutes registered in Guangdong with independent legal person status. The enterprise which has built an engineering center that cannot apply again; universities and research institutes with engineering center in the same field cannot apply again. The specific conditions are as follows:


  • Size of Institution. The host institution should have strong scientific and technological innovation ability in the industry and field; the main business income of the enterprise in the previous year should be more than 20 million yuan, the research and development fund should be no less than 1 million yuan and not less than 3% of the main business income. The total amount of research and development funds for universities and scientific research institutes in the field in the past three years should be no less than 5 million yuan.


  • Research conditions. The host institution should have good research and development basic conditions, and have comprehensive capabilities for engineering research and development, design and testing. It should have necessary space and processing equipment for testing and analysis (excluding production equipment). The original value of the equipment should be no lower than 3 million yuan.


  • Scientific research achievements. The host institution should have carried out key common technology research in this field, with high output and transformation level, with more than 5 patents, software copyrights, standards and other independent intellectual property rights. Among them, universities and research institutes should have undertaken provincial-level and above scientific research projects in the past three years, and no less than three landmark scientific research achievements should have been completed in cooperation with enterprises in the province.


  • Talent team. Host institution should have high-level technical leaders and engineering and technical teams; no less than 10 full-time scientific research personnel should be included in the team.


  • Management mechanism. The center should be with a sound management structure and operation management mechanism, a sound internal R&D system, talent incentives, and intellectual property management systems.


  • New economic enterprises with strong innovation strength are encouraged to build engineering centers. If a new economic enterprise obtains more than 3 million equity investment and financing or a research and development expenditure of more than 3 million yuan in the previous year, it is not subject to the reporting conditions (1) and (2).


  • The eastern and western regions of Guangdong would be given preferential support. Enterprises in the eastern and western regions of Guangdong are encouraged to sign agreements with universities and colleges, and the experimental equipment and R&D personnel of the joint construction units in this field can be included in the conditions (2) and (4).



Time Schedule:


The application would be conducted online and the online system would be closed on October 25th .