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Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

  • eduroam

There are several wireless networks available in the campus. The network which you should use to connect laptops, tablets and phones is ‘eduroam’. The eduroam service provides internet access at GTIIT and other academic institutions across China and in many countries around the world. If you have connected your devices to eduroam here at GTIIT, it will automatically connect to another eduroam network when you visit other eduroam participating institutions. For information about eduroam, visit or only).

For GTIIT members, login with your GTIIT username followed by

Note: Each account is permitted to login up to five(5) devices. For the safety of your email, research achievements, homework, reputation, and other valuable information, you should NEVER share your account with other people.

Here are some instructions of eduroam connection for various devices.


1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and select eduroam
2. Type in your GTIIT login details and press join.
3. Select ‘Accept’ on the certificate prompt


1. Select ‘Wireless and networks’
2. Select ‘Wi-Fi’
3. Select the eduroam
4. Complete the connection configuration:
CA Certificate: Do not validate

5. Type in your University log in details and when prompted click ‘connect’.

Windows Laptop/Surface

1. Select the eduroam
2. Type in your GTIIT login details if you are asked, and press Connect
3. Select ‘Connect’ on the system prompt

Note: Each account is permitted to login up to 5 devices, for cybersecurity reason you
should NEVER share your account with other people.

Open a browser, go to the login page, use your GTIIT network account and credential to login.

  • GTIIT-Guest

    For guests who visit GTIIT for a large-scale University event, please apply for the GTIIT-Guest wifi connection code from the IT department.

  • GTIIT VPN for accessing from off-campus network

    GTIIT has a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which provides a secure method to connect to the University campus network regardless of where you are connecting from (e.g. a Wi-Fi in your home). Through the GTIIT VPN, you can connect remotely to some resources that are usually only available on the campus network. Put it another way, when using GTIIT VPN service, it routes and encrypts all traffic going to GTIIT internal resources, Technion Israel sites, and some academic sites (e.g. Google Scholar) through the University network as if you were on campus. All non-GTIIT traffic proceeds to its destination directly – from your local internet connection.

Please refer to the instruction here to download and install the VPN.

  • GTIIT Hotspots

    To check the wifi hotspot distribution on the campus, please refer to Hotspot Maps.