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Cellular on Campus

IT Department retains direct relationships with the major cellular vendors which allow us to enhance the interior and exterior cellular coverage across campus so GTIIT members and guests can connect anytime, anywhere for personal, professional, or emergency mobile communications.

Exterior Cell Coverage

The North Campus has a good exterior coverage provided by the three primary facilities-based cellular carriers in mainland China:

  • China Mobile
  • China Unicom
  • China Telecom

Working with IT Department, these carriers have deployed outdoor 4G (LTE) and 5G facilities nearby our campus to enhance coverage on campus, and continually update these facilities as technology advances. In addition, such a service has been expanding to our south campus being constructed.

Interior Cell Coverage

IT Department continually expands targeted areas of enhanced coverage in select buildings using Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cells, but users may still experience coverage issues in lower level areas and in newer buildings or renovations that employ energy-saving construction materials which prevent radio signals from permeating the structures. We work with campus stakeholders to address coverage issues as requested.