Room 538, Admin Building


Research Information Management System(RIMS)

The university’s Research Information Management System(RIMS) is available for everyone to admire GTIIT’s top-notch research team and world-class research achievements. IT Department is responsible for technical support and maintenance.

The system is powered by Elsevier Pure, a proven and leading-edge system that moves GTIIT’s research information into a single system with a long future, providing a centralized and integrated platform for managing each type of research activity, outputs, funding, and reporting within our University, as well as demonstrating GTIIT’s research competency to the globe through the public portal. 

Shared resources from Shantou University and Technion

In partnership with Shantou University (STU), IT Department has been providing support to all members for access to STU shared resources, including borrowing the printed books in STU library and accessing online resource E-journals and databases from STU online library. For connection to STU online resources, please refer to Wireless Network page.

Our home university—Technion, also offers GTIIT members a range of academic resources, such as Technion Library, off-campus VPN (for staff). The IT Department is the local support to resolve all technical issues raised by our staff or students.

Research Computational Facilities and Ahead in the Cloud

IT Department has been established the local high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, which is available for faculty and students for code testing or teaching.

The university signed the enterprise collaboration agreement with Amazon China for the use of Amazon Web Service (AWS), which provides several benefits to faculty and staff, most notably the ability to provide on-demand cloud computing resources that allows faculty and students to leverage their computing power and knowledge to tackle research needs, and eliminate many existing roadblocks between ideas and execution. IT provides technical support.