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High-Performance Computing (HPC)

The High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster is a shared facility to support research and teaching activities on campus. The cluster is physically located in our on-premise data center and operated by IT department under the direction of the HPC academic advisory committee.

The current cluster is formed by several computing nodes with the latest generation of Intel Xeon CPUs and Nvidia Tesla GPUs. The combined computing power is about 35 Teraflops (20 Teraflops from GPUs + 15 Teraflops from CPUs).

If you are interested in using the cluster, the following info might be useful.

1. Getting a cluster account – HPC account application

Currently, the system supports 2 types of account, research account, and teaching account. The teaching account can only use limited cluster resources, it is meant for students and beginners to learn about supercomputing clusters and do some simple jobs. Meanwhile, the research account is designed for heavy research activities with access to more cluster resources, but, due to its large resource consumption, only a limited number of research account can be applied. There are 3 ways to get an account on the cluster.

1). To apply for a research account, he/she needs a faculty member sponsor. The new account will be put in the sponsor’s user group and share group resources. Currently, each faculty member can only sponsor 5 research accounts (due to limited resources). (Please click and download: GTIIT HPC account application form)

2). To apply for an individual teaching account, he/she also needs a faculty member sponsor. The new teaching account is not associated with the sponsor’s research group but will be suspended after one semester (it can be renewed with approval from the faculty sponsor). (Please click and download: GTIIT HPC account application form)

3). To apply for group teaching account (for courses), the instructor should contact IT department directly with a course schedule and a list of participants. All participants in the course will get their own teaching account for the semester.  

2. User guide (Please click and download: Cluster_User_Guide )

3. FAQs and support

Technical support is provided by the IT department. Please contact Yuewen Li ( for technical support.

For academic related issues, please contact the HPC academic advisory committee member of your program. The current committee members are:

  • Xinpeng Xu from Physcis, <>
  • Sehoon Park from Chemistry, <>
  • Antti Rasila from Math, <>
  • Bo Kong from Chemical engineering, <>
  • Kayin Leung from BFE, <>
  • Nan Wang from MSE,  <>.