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Cybersecurity and IT Policies

Cybersecurity and IT Policies

As a member of GTIIT, you have access to a wealth of security services and tools that will help you protect your computer, safeguard personal information, and secure sensitive University data. The Department of Information Technology proactively monitors our campus network and business systems to identify potential cybersecurity threats and quickly respond to cybersecurity issues. We offer a large variety of services, information, and tools to educate to the GTIIT community about cybersecurity, network account and system protection, or incident report. We are responsible for helping ensure the University’s computing environment is protected from cyberthreats such as viruses, malware, phishing, hackers, and other security threats. To meet this goal, we have developed policies and instructions that guide everybody protecting computers as well as sensitive information from security threats. Also, we assist the University administration with adhering to local regulations and Technion policies regarding technology. For more information please refer to our IT Policies page.


Security Incident Response

The National Multi-Level Protection Scheme(‘MLPS’) is used to more effectively classify risk and set strategic security priorities at Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. To help protect the University, we utilize a robust and layered array of centralized security measures. These measures include campus network firewalls, IT infrastructure monitoring, business application monitoring, proactive auditing, VPN solutions, security experts from Technion and local authorities, advanced detection and prevention tools, and more.

IT Policy
Code of Practice for the use of computing resources

Any reference to computing resources, i.e. campus network or facilities applies, where appropriate, to those which are owned by GTIIT, or under its responsibility must comply with this policy. To be permitted to use GTIIT computing facilities, users are deemed to have read and be bound by this Code of Practice and GTIIT regulations.

User Acceptable Policy

This document outlines the responsibilities of users of Guangdong Technion-Israeli Institute of Technology (hereinafter GTIIT) information resources, which are provided to the university community in support of the institutional mission.  The purpose of this document is to ensure use of these resources complies with Technion global policies, and applicable local requirements. These directives apply to all users of GTIIT information resources.

Computing Device Provisioning Policy

GTIIT computing device is provided by the IT (Information Technology) Department which runs the University’s computing hardware, software and technical support for the University’s business. It is necessary to establish a reliable and supportable operating environment forcomputing deviceswhile also reducing risk to the comprehensive computing infrastructure.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the process by which GTIIT acquire all computing device. The goal of the policy is to ensure each GTIIT employee has adequate computing resources to perform their assigned responsibilities while also providing prudent stewardship of GTIIT resources.

Protecting your account

Do not share your password with anyone, not even a member of staff. IT will never ask anyone to reveal a password and neither should any other GTIIT staff member. If you believe that your account has been compromised, change your password immediately.