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Manage my Account & Password
GTIIT network account

New users are assigned a network account username. By using this account, users can connect to the internet, login to online business systems, send/receive emails, etc.
A self-service password reset system has been successfully deployed, which allows staff and students to remotely self-reset the password from a web browser. To register on this system and use it to manage your account credentials, please go to Password self-reset.

Connect to campus Wifi

There are a number of wireless networks available around the campus. The network which you should use to connect laptops, tablets and phones is ‘eduroam’. The eduroam service provides internet access not only at GTIIT but in academic institutions across Greater China and in many countries around the world with the same GTIIT username and password. If you set your device up to connect here at GTIIT it will automatically connect you whenever you are in an area served by eduroam. For information about eduroam, visit www.eduroam.org.

For GTIIT members, login with your GTIIT username followed by @gtiit.edu.cn.

Note: Each account is permitted to login on up to 5 devices. For the safety of your GTIIT email, homework, and other valuable information, you should NEVER share your account with other people.

Click here to learn How to connect to eduroam.


The wireless network GTIIT-STU is provided by Shantou University (STU), and subject to STU policies, daily traffic is restricted to 1.5GB.

To connect to GTIIT-STU, please go to the login page http://a.stu.edu.cn, use your GTIIT network account for access;

STU library http://www.lib.stu.edu.cn/

E-journals and databases: http://www.lib.stu.edu.cn/zy/database, access available only over the wireless network GTIIT-STU.

Login to Email
Everyone at the College is provided with an Outlook email account, which is an application in Microsoft 365. Email addresses are formatted as: username@gtiit.edu.cn.

By using Microsoft 365, you are able to access your emails from anywhere. We recommend you to use the Outlook client on your devices, which is free to download. For webmail, click below link to login Microsoft 365 Email: 


Print my files

There are two public printers for students, one in the Student Hub and another in the Student reading room (E106). This is a Pay-for-Print service. Payment methods include WeChat pay and Alipay. To use them, students should follow the steps displayed on the printers. Please access the following link to learn the related user manuals.


GTIIT online systems


This is the GTIIT Applications Intranet Portal, where you can easily get information and access to GTIIT business systems.
Click on any of the systems links on the platform and use your GTIIT account credentials to gain access. For accessing Technion systems, please use your Technion account credentials. Below are the frequently used systems:


Go to https://moodle.gtiit.edu.cn and click on “Office 365 Login” button.


This is a Video Learning Platform for Education:

GTIIT Panopto


Video conferencing https://gtiit.zoom.us/