Relations of these awards/scholarships/waiver
For the freshmen admitted after Gaokao, he/she could be given only one of the following items if applicable: Chancellor’s Scholarship, Gaokao Scholarship, Shantou Student Tuition Waiver, Need-base Tuition Waiver.
Science Competition Scholarship winners could also win Chancellor’s Scholarship / Gaokao Scholarship / Shantou Student Tuition Waiver / Need-base Tuition Waiver if applicable.
The total package given to one students shall not exceed 600,000 Yuan RMB.
All students are allowed to compete for the Academic Excellence Awards. But a student can only get the highest amount among the Academic Excellence Awards / retaining of the Chancellor’s Scholarship, Gaokao Scholarships (if any) / tuition waiver (if any) in each year, rather than the accumulated amount.